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Links to useful rune-related websites

Runemaker Group websites
Bob's main runes website. It's the biggest runes website in the world and the second most-visited runes site on the www.
Free articles to download on a wide range of rune-related subjects with contributions by Bob, Freya Aswynn and all-comers.
Freya Aswynn  is taking over management of this site, so you can expect some additions to the current articles.
Runic design resources for individuals and tattoo artists.
a selection of free rune fonts available for download, and full description with images of Bob's own range of rune fonts available for purchase at modest prices. (now closed down)
This site was all about bindrunes for personal monograms and for practical purposes. The information is now available at The 4000 bindrune image database and a selection of 50 practical bindrune amulets for a wide range of uses can now be viewed by paid-up members of (see above).
This single page website explains why there are no such things as "Celtic Runes". I get a lot of flak feedback about this page from angry people who have been misinformed about runes, but only a handful of "thank you" messages. If it helps you, please let me know! (currently offline)
This domain name has now been transferred to my friend Freya Aswynn. I'm not sure how she intends to use it yet, but watch this space for a re-launch 'ere long. If I know Freya, it will be something startling.


Other Recommended Websites
Freya Aswynn
Learn direct from the highly creative author and world-famous rune-mistress. A wealth of free information from my friend and colleague, plus details of her books, videos, audio CDs, paintings and correspondence courses.

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery
This is the most-visited runes website on the www. It has been a labour-of-love for business consultant Ingrid Halvorsen (known in the internet runes fraternity as "Sunnyway") for more years than I can remember.
The site is in my opinion the least-biased and most comprehensive collection of basic runic knowledge available and therefore a great starting-point for beginners.

The Rune School (the site has been offline for at least a year. Sadly, I guess it has now finally gone)
This site was around for a long time, too. It provided online courses in the mystic application of runes and was the starting point for thousands of rune users over the years.

The Rune Net
Rune study network guild - International network for students of the runes. Run by my friend and colleague Sweyn Plowright, author of The Rune Primer. This site is a good place to start if you wish to avoid misinformation about runes.

The Rune Gild
School of esoteric knowledge based on the Odian system of the Runes. World-wide organization with Halls in North America, England and Australia.

and finally,
Wikipedia on Runes
Wikipedia is often accused of inaccuracy, but I couldn't find much wrong with their series of articles on archaeological runology headed up by this page.

These links are my personal recommendations, and as such I don't take submissions for inclusion on this page. If that is your objective you might like to take a look at:


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