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Hello, and welcome to my official website!

I do a lot of other stuff, but this site is mainly about my books. There is only the one hard-copy book Discovering Runes in print at the moment and a number of e-books currently available are described as you might expect on the E-Books page. 

There were a couple of unsuccessful efforts at fiction many years ago and some self-published books about runes in the 1990s which are no longer available - you will find details of them on the Books page - but it's Discovering Runes and the e-books only right now.

Rather slim justification for an "author" website I hear you cry, and I can't deny that. I wanted to register the domain names before someone else did. F'rinstance, I have a cousin with a doctorate who lives in Canada and is also named Bob Oswald. He is undoubtedly better qualified than I am to produce a book, and a quick trawl for my name on Google found hundreds of hits for other people, so it seemed like a good idea to grab the domain names while I could. However, I do have contractual arrangements with publishers for a couple more books and several projects in hand which will hopefully add to the body of published work before I start kicking buckets or popping clogs.

If you are looking for information about my other activities, please visit the Links page where you will find listings of my websites and some recommendations for other rune resources.

Please email me if you have something to say. I will always respond to serious messages because acting on feedback from readers has got to be a major step towards successful authorship. If you have already purchased one of my books or e-books I thank you most sincerely and would love to have your comments - favourable or otherwise. And if you haven't read Discovering Runes or any of my paltry pamphlets yet I hope this website might whet your appetite.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy the site!

Bob Oswald

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