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Owners of my hard copy book
Discovering Runes please note: the contents of Runebodian, The Rune ReminderActivating and Working with a Runic Gandr, Runic Empowerment Ritual, and Dowsing with the Runic Pendulum cover the same subject matter as chapters in Discovering Runes, but presented in the e-books with different and/or fewer illustrations.

Unless you particularly want to have this information available on your computer as well as on your bookshelf please don't waste your money by purchasing the e-books as well.


Runebodian US$10.95
This replaces the old Casting the Runes e-book which had to be withdrawn when Discovering Runes was published in hard copy. If you already have Casting the Runes or Discovering Runes, you do not need to purchase Runebodian.

Runebodian* is a 64-page fully illustrated e-book providing a comprehensive guide to runic divination and including full interpretation and associations for each rune based on the Rune Meanings pages of Very similar information is also presented in The Rune Reminder featured below.

There are chapters on the origin and development of the runes, preparations for casting, layouts for rune spreads, interpretation methods and a short bibliography of books for further reading.

* (bodian: an Anglo-Saxon word meaning speaker, announcer or teacher)


The Rune Reminder - US$5.95
This 40-page eBook is designed as a memory aid for diviners.

The e-book includes all the text from the Rune Meaning pages on and is illustrated with new pictures. It details all 24 runes with meanings, interpretations, associations with plants, trees, gemstones, deities, etc. Very similar information is presented in Runebodian featured above.

In September 2010 I completed a major revision of this popular e-book. It has been expanded from 28 to 40 pages to include an index plus a series of 11 single-page "Runemaker Ramblings" articles interspersed among the main rune meaning pages. These articles cover some points of interest associated with the featured runes, Anglo-Saxon history and culture, and the sagas, folklore and mythology connected with the runes.

Each rune page has been revised and edited to improve the quality of images, captions and page layout, plus some slight improvements in the textual content. Many photographs and graphic images have been replaced with high resolution versions thus improving their appearance at higher magnifications. This included the re-sampling of the photo captions that used to look rather jaggedy, even at quite modest magnification.


The Ancient Pagan Runes :A short introduction - US$5.95
A 30-page illustrated booklet providing a very basic guide to runic divination including a summary table of rune meanings.

40 monochrome and spot colour illustrations.

The e-book summarises some of the same information that appears in chapters of Runebodian and The Rune Reminder.  Read the descriptions of all three books before deciding on this one.


Dowsing with the Runic Pendulum - US$2.95
21-page booklet giving instructions for using a runic pendulum for dowsing.

The guide gives a full discussion of self-training methods, setting up and working with the dowsing system, and identifying the pendulum's responses.

There are some suggestions for suitable applications.



Activating and Working with a Runic Gandr - US$2.95
17-page illustrated guide to empowering and using a runic Gandr (wand, or runestaff) for magical workings.

The booklet advises on seasons, quarter days, moon phases, compass points, elemental and runic associations needed to perform effective magic.

It includes simple methods and instructions for the performance of basic rituals.

This e-book is also available in EPUB format for reading with a handheld, palmtop or mobile device. E-mail me if you would like to receive an EPUB file that is not zipped.

A Runic Empowerment Ritual - US$2.95

This 19 page e-book includes:

An illustrated article on the creation of a Vé (a sacred space) for rune work with detailed instructions.

The full ritual with illustrations.

All incantations for the empowerment of a runic design on a solid surface or on skin for a tattoo.

Some useful pointers on devising your own personal ritual elements and incantations.

Plus a free bonus of 11 decorative Nordic and Pictish border designs.

The Runemaker's Pocket Guide to the Runes - free download
24-page e-book of A5 landscape-sized pages within the pdf document. When printed and stapled it will neatly fit into a coat pocket.

Each page gives images of both the Elder and Anglo-Saxon runes, major associations of each rune with colours, runic numbers, trees, herbs, gemstones etc.

There is also a brief outline of the meaning and interpretation applicable to each rune of the Futhark.


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Product Zip File Size Price US$ order online
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RM28B   Runebodian (EA) 3.85 Mb 10.95
RM29B   The Rune Reminder 3rd Edition (EA) 5.14 Mb 5.95
RM444   The Ancient Pagan Runes (EA) 1.11 Mb 5.95
RM831   Activating and Working with the Runic Gandr (EA) 123 Kb 2.95
RM832   Dowsing with the Runic Pendulum (EA) 168 Kb 2.95
RM833   A Runic Empowerment Ritual (EA) 2.62Mb 2.95
--   The Runemaker's Pocket Guide to the Runes (DL) 216 Kb FREE

Please note that the e-books are supplied in zip files suitable for use on PCs running all versions of Windows, and any other computers or devices that can decompress zip files. MAC users please e-mail me if you require Stuffit files. All products covered by no-quibble replacement guarantee. No refund will be given for any software product after it has been delivered.

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If you do not receive the email and attachment for any of the above products within 15 minutes of purchase please contact me so I can make alternative delivery arrangements.

The items listed as type (EA) are sold by my payment processing PayPal account ROQS CO UK (Runemaker Online Quantum Systems). Each e-book is emailed to you as an attachment in a different email message. If you are ordering several items buy them one at a time to receive each one attached to its own message.


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